Off grid supply….barn conversion, Great Alne nr Alcester, Warwickshire

We were approached by the client here with a barn conversion which was some distance from the grid supply network. The client decided to install an off grid supply comprising a silent running generator, two inverters and 24 2v batteries, all shown below. We were to design the electrical installation with this in mind.

Off Grid Barn Conversion, Alcester, Warwickshire

The hybrid system installed is designed to be added to in the future with a variety of renewable sources such as a solar PV array or a wind turbine. SAL Electrical LTD installed energy efficient L.E.D lighting throughout whilst also being sympathetic towards the charm of the old barn choosing accessories to suit. The client has saved thousands of pounds from the cost of moving the grid network closer and now has funds available to install solar PV on the south facing roof….something SAL Electrical Ltd will be looking forward to installing later in the year. Our client can then boost a smaller carbon footprint, look forward to reduced generator times(as little as 1 hour per week), benefit hugely from feed in tariff payments for the next 24 years whilst reducing the harm to the environment. Off Grid Barn Conversion, Alcester, Warwickshire

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