Welcome to SAL Electrical Ltd

Who Are We

SAL Electrical LTD is a small family run business. We have been trading since 2001 and have 15 years electrical contracting experience in the industrial, commercial, educational and residential sectors.

We specialise in large residential projects and refurbishments within the North Cotswold area, although we provide a wide range of other services. We are now providing services in the renewable sector, currently supply and installation of solar photovoltaic panels (PV), visit www.salsolar .co.uk for more information. We maintain a keen interest and involvement in the renewable sector for the future.

Quality of service is paramount to us as we rely on word of mouth for our business to grow stronger. The customer is very important to us therefore we strive to meet their needs and to maintain a good relationship throughout any project. Quality of installation is important to us. Our aim is for 100% of clients to happily offer references for SAL Electrical. We offer to you, top quality workmanship commissioned, tested and certified to exceed NIC EIC standards. All work completed by fully qualified electricians, insured for professional, public and employer’s liability. We use only use the best of materials, meeting or exceeding British Standards.


Within the construction industry our impact on the environment is critical. Our work will always have an impact because everything we do changes the environment, but there are measures we can take to reduce this impact. We recognise the benefits of effective environmental management and improved environmental performance as ways of minimising any adverse effects of our operations. Along with reducing carbon emmisions observation of these working practices essentially provides you, the customer, with significant savings.

We can offer the following;

  • Solar PV installation
  • An environmentally friendly electrical installation using energy efficient lighting systems
  • Controlled site lighting systems, these can be reduced or switched off during non working site hours
  • Adapted emergency light fittings to maintain the battery charging supply, enabling them to be switched off.
  • Environmentally friendly, technologically advanced, recyclable lamps with reduced mercury content
  • Energy efficient mains panels and transformers

Customer Benefits;

  • Lower carbon footprint, reduced co2 emissions
  • Reduced energy bills, reduced demand for electricity
  • Approx 10% return on investments
  • Free electricity
  • Increased property value
  • Extended lamp life, reduced consumable costs thus reduced factory manufacturing emissions